Responsible Mining

We recognise the importance of developing our responsible mining practices for the benefit of our stakeholder group as a whole. We aim to operate through acting responsibly in relation to our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate is central to achieving our objectives.

Our sustainability practices are focused on those areas that are material to our business and operations, these being community relations, employees, environment, health and safety, and security and human rights.

Africa Gold Mining remains committed to giving back to the society by routinely developing and implementing policies that integrate responsible practices to the environment and committing to protecting and improving the lives of the needy in the world around us, through our various CSR initiatives.

Over the years, the group has, through financial and technological sustenance, extended a much needed helping hand to the world around us.

About Africa Gold Mining

Africa Gold Mining is a leading supplier and exporter of Raw Gold, Gold Bar & Gold Nuggets from Cameroon, Tanzania and Congo in Partnership with small scale miners.

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Cameroon Office

Africa Gold Mining
Boulevard of Républic Bp.306 Bertoua Cameroon
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